Criminal Background Checks Online

If you wanted to find someone from your past a few years ago it was not easy at all. Maybe you wanted to get back in touch with a member of your family, someone from school or a friend that you hadn’t seen for years. In the days before online background checks it would take ages contacting and visiting local courts or other agencies to try and find people.Pepperjam Verification

It really is easy to find out the information that you want to know about a person using the best online background check services. All you need to do is to enter in the information that you have and the service will do the rest. So many people have found others that they wanted to find using these services.

Background Checks Defined

So what exactly is a background check? In most cases this is a report which includes public information about an individual. A lot of records are in the public domain now but accessing them and finding what you want is often difficult. Good online background checking services pull all of these records together for you making it easier to search.

A good background check in the United States will likely include:Background Checks with baby

  • The full name of the person you are checking
  • Any aliases the person may have
  • Their date of birth and their age
  • Any arrest records
  • Any criminal records
  • Records in the civil court
  • Educational details
  • Their social media accounts
  • Photographs of the individual
  • Information about their finances and assets
  • Any liens or bankruptcies
  • Permits for weapons
  • Any professional licenses held

Usually the service will offer more information than this. Some of the best background checking services will provide details of relatives and known associates. You no longer have to be a private detective or a law enforcement officer to access this kind of information. Public records are now available online for all to use.

The very best background checking services are very fast and can provide you with everything that you need to know in minutes. Imagine the time it would take for a private investigator to find all of this information. And then there is the cost to consider. Even the FBI can take weeks to perform a background check.

Why do you need to Perform Background Checks?

Citizens of the United States have a number of different reasons for performing background checks. It may be something as simple as just finding out where a person is that you have lost touch with. At the other end of the scale you may want to run a check on someone to see if they have a murky past such as arrest records or a criminal record.

A lot of people use a background check service to find out more about a potential romantic interest. They do not want to get involved with someone that is going to be unfaithful so they can look for infidelity clues in the check.

How often have you lost a phone number or an address for a family member or a friend? You can easily find this information with a background check. Sometimes you need to know more about a person’s financial history so you can check on their assets and their debt history. You can also see if they were bankrupt at any time.

A lot of people think that you can find everything using a search engine like Google. But it is not as easy as that when it comes to public records. A background check digs a lot deeper because and the best services have access to:

  • Records at federal level
  • State level records
  • Records at city level
  • County level records
  • Other sources of public records

How do you use Online Background Checking Services?

With the best services this is easy. You can search on a name, an address, an email address or a phone number. This will activate a search of millions of records and create a background check report for you.

Background Checks with law book

It is a good idea to make a few notes before you perform a background check. This is the kind of information that will be useful for your search:

  • The person’s first and last name and their middle name or initial if you know it
  • People associated with the person such as family members, friends, business colleagues and anyone else you can think of that has an association
  • The last town, county, city or state that you remember them living in
  • Their age – having their date of birth is even better
  • A known email address or telephone number

The good thing is that you do not require all of these details. With the better online background checking services you can find someone with a very small amount of information about them.

For example you can use a known phone number with a service that has a reverse phone lookup function. This will provide you with other information about an individual such as their full name, an email address, any other registered users of the phone number, social media accounts etc.

How do you know if you have the right person?

It is quite possible that by just entering a person’s name into an online background check service you will get hundreds of possibilities returned. If the name is common then this could be thousands. You need to filter your search to improve your chances of finding the right individual.

By adding the age of the person and where they live you will refine the results. You may find possible relatives displayed as well to help you focus in on the person you want information about. Some of the top services have an unlimited report function so if you get it wrong the first time you can try again.

Why you should use a Premium Online Background Check Service

Don’t waste hours of your precious time trying to find important information about people using so called free background check websites and public records websites. It is unlikely that you will find what you are looking for and it is going to be a frustrating experience for you.

It is really worth spending a little money on a top quality online background search service in the United States. You will save a great deal of time and all of the information that you need is in one place. There is no need for you to hop from one website to another trying to find what you want.

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