Iowa Public Records

Iowa State has public records law that guarantees that the general public has access to most of the records at all state and local government levels.

Enacted in 1967, Iowa’s first public records law is found in Iowa Code § 22 et?seq. The law states that “all public records” of any city, county, school, township, political subdivision, corporation, and all non-profit corporations that are supported by public funds are accessible to the public. There is no any restriction on who can access these records. There is also no limitation specified on how the records may be used once obtained.

There are many exemptions to this public records law. Actually, there are about 64 categories of exemptions and they relate things such as:

  • Trade secrets
  • Medical records
  • Personal records
  • Financial records
  • Investigatory records

Iowa Criminal Records

The administration of background checks in the state of Iowa is the responsibility of the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI), Criminal Record History Record Dissemination Unit. They provide a website that lets the public perform non-waiver, limited records check and anyone can run a search on any individual without their consent. The search will generate a background check that doesn’t include current arrests that have not had a financial disposition yet. For a detailed criminal records check, the requester must have a signed authorization.

Arrest records, jail and inmate records are made available to the public through the Department of Corrections. Information regarding offenders in Iowa is available at the Iowa Department of Corrections. To locate an offender, simply search online on the Iowa Department of Corrections or through It’s helpful to have more information about the offender, such as Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, and the County where the offence was committed. You will receive information on the offender’s current location, estimated release date, and charges.

Iowa Court Records

Any information about courts in Iowa and court files is available through the state’s Administrator of the Courts. You can either perform an online search via the Iowa Courts Online Search or request the records on particular cases at the courthouse where the case was heard. For cases older than 1991, you should search directly at the appropriate courthouse.

Iowa Vital Records

The responsibility of recording vital events such as death, marriage, birth and divorce is given to the Iowa Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics. Birth and death certificates are available from 1880 and can be found at the Bureau of Vital Statistics.

  • Birth records: You can obtain birth certificates through the county or the state recorder’s office. It is however important to note that county recorders cannot provide records for births between 1921-1941, single-parent births prior to 1995, or any other record preserved by a court of law. For such records, you will have to make your request through Iowa Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics.
  • Death records: You can obtain death certificates through the county or state recorder’s office. However, you cannot obtain records of deaths before 1921 and after 1941 at the county recorders’ office.
  • Marriage records: You can obtain marriage certificates from the government agency or through the specific county where the marriage or death occurred. However, you cannot obtain copies of marriage and death certificates for marriages and deaths that occurred between 1921 to194.
  • Divorce records: marriage records are available at the Iowa Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics. You can also request for copies of dissolution of marriage at through the particular county where the final decree was made.

If you know exactly where to look Access to public records, criminal records, court records and vital records in Iowa can be fairly simple. Knowing the Iowa public law in its entirety will help you know where to look and what records you may be granted access to.

Iowa State Court System

Understanding how the system of Iowa state court works is very important as it helps you find court records easily.

Iowa Courts Overview

The trial court system of Iowa State consists of District Courts. The trial court system of the state of Iowa is a unified one with District Court exercising the general jurisdiction over all cases.

To make your work easier, start searching for court records in Iowa by simply going to courts by county. The jurisdiction of the District Court is limited whenever original jurisdiction over a particular type of case has been assigned to another administrative agency, tribunal or type of court.

By reading this post, you will get the general information about Iowa court system and the type of cases handled in what type of court.

Iowa District Courts

Iowa District Courts have general jurisdiction to handle all criminal and civil cases, with some few exceptions.

Each District Court has divisions for Small Claims, Juvenile Court and Probate Court. In addition to these divisions, some District Courts in Iowa also have divisions based particularly on case type, such as Domestic Relations, Civil, Special, and Criminal. “Special” cases are simply some types of civil cases which do not actually involve the recovery of a penalty, the redress or prevention of private wrongs, or enforcement of private rights.

The cases that fall within the jurisdiction limits of District Courts may be heard by an Associate Juvenile Judge, District Judge, Judicial Magistrate, Associate Probate Judge, or District Associate Judge. Every type of judge has specific jurisdiction to handle certain types of cases. For example, A District Judge has general jurisdiction to handle all types of cases that District Court has the jurisdiction to handle. On the other hand, other remaining types of judges have limited jurisdiction to only handle certain types of cases depending on what court a judge presides over.

District Courts have Juvenile Court divisions with original jurisdiction to handle termination of parental rights, voluntary foster care placement proceedings, majority of juvenile delinquency, families in need of assistance, children in need of assistance, and cases that involve hearings of abortion notification waiver.

District Courts also have the Probate Court divisions with jurisdiction to handle trustees, trusts, conservatorships and guardianships, actions for accounting, the construction of wills, the estates of absentees and decedents, and other many probate cases.

District Courts also have Small Claims divisions. The Small Claims divisions provide a simplified procedure for certain civil claims that involve disputed money in limited amounts, including certain types of landlord-tenant cases.

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