Georgia Public Records

The residents of the state of Georgia have the right to access, examine, obtain and preview public records. This is according to the Georgia public records law.

The state of Georgia has adopted public records law known as the Georgia Open Records Act. The Act compels the government to make its records available to the public. Therefore, the law gives every member of the public the right and the ability to access all government records, unless specified otherwise by the state statute or court.

Records subject to the Georgia Open Records Act include all records created, acquired, or maintained by public entities at all levels including executive, legislative, and judicial branches.

Georgia Criminal Records

Criminal records checks in Georgia can be done on anyone by authorized individuals, employment agencies, and licensing agencies. Any employer who wishes to apply for a criminal background check may need to have signed consent from the applicant. You can also request for your own criminal history records without having to show any signed authorization.? Background checks are done through an online system. The background checks generally give arrest records, serious traffic violations, arrest warrants, misdemeanors, felonies, sex offender listing, juvenile records, parole information, and jail and inmate records.

Arrest records are considered public records and are therefore accessible to the public. You can also request for jail and inmate records. To gain any information regarding offenders in Georgia and to get more information regarding services for victims, you simply need to visit the Georgia Department of Corrections website. To locate an offender, you can search on the site by either an Offender Number or a First Name and Last Name.

Georgia Court Records

Any information about the courts in the state of Georgia and court cases can be found at the administrator of the courts’ website. The website also provides you with useful information and links to help you obtain court records in Georgia. You will be able to search for Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and Inferior Courts. If you wish to obtain copies of the actual case files, you will have to make a request through the clerk of the court at the particular courthouse where the case was heard.

Georgia Vital Records

The Office of Vital Records has the responsibility to maintain all vital records in Georgia. These records include such documents as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses and certificates, and divorce records. If you wish to obtain any of the vital records in Georgia, you should send your request with the required documentation via mail at State Office of Vital Records, 1680 Phoenix Boulevard, Suite 100 Atlanta, GA 30349, 1-800-436-7442.

  • Birth records: The state of Georgia started recording births in an organized way in 1919 even though records exist before this year. Birth records prior to 1919 are available at the Family History Library. You will be required to pay $25 to be provided with a copy of birth certificate. Birth records from 1919 to present are available at the Department of Public Health.
  • Death records: Statewide registration of deaths in Georgia was introduced in 1919 but there was no full compliance until 1922. Death records are available from 1919. You can obtain death records by directing your request to the Georgia County Health Department or at the Georgia Department of Human Resources.
  • Marriage records: Marriage records are available as early as before 1805, and you can request for these records by writing to the court of ordinary or local clerk if you wish to obtain any of these records. Marriage records before 1900 are currently available at the Georgia Department of Archives and History. The Family History Library keeps copies of some marriage records dating back to early 1900s.
  • Divorce records: the state of Georgia organizes divorce catalog into two categories. The first category comprises of divorce records before 1952 while the second category comprises of divorce records after 1952.

Whatever you need government records for, the law allows you to request for it provided it is covered by the Georgia Open Records Act and it is not exempt by court order.

Georgia State Court System

Understanding how the system of Georgia state court works is very important as it helps you find court records easily.

Georgia Courts Overview

The trial court system of Georgia State consists of Recorder’s Courts, Municipal Courts, Civil Courts, Magistrate Courts, Probate Courts, Juvenile Courts, Sate Courts, and Superior Courts.

To make your work easier, start searching for court records in Georgia by simply going to courts by county.

Georgia Superior Courts

Georgia Superior Courts have general jurisdiction to handle all types of civil and criminal cases, but typically, they only handle cases that other courts have no jurisdiction over.

Civil cases handled by these courts include domestic relations, title to real property and equity. Criminal cases that Superior Courts hear include lesser-included offenses and felonies.

All Superior Courts have Family Court divisions with jurisdiction to handle divorce and related cases involving children, such as child abuse, child support, paternity, legitimacy, domestic violence, and custody. Family Court divisions can also handle other types of cases, including those cases that other courts have transferred to them.

Georgia State Courts

Georgia State Courts have exclusive jurisdiction to handle certain types of criminal and civil cases. Civil cases that these courts handle include all civil actions that do not fall under the exclusive jurisdiction limit of Supreme Courts. Criminal cases include traffic offenses and misdemeanor criminal cases.

Georgia Juvenile Courts

Georgia Juvenile Courts have limited original jurisdiction to handle cases that involve children who are alleged to be deprived, unruly, delinquent, or in need of treatment or rehabilitation due to mental retardation or mental illness.

These courts also handle cases that involve judicial consent for minors particularly when required for abortion, enlistment, employment, marriage, and other circumstances. They also handle juvenile traffic offenses.

They share jurisdiction over certain crimes committed by children with Superior Courts. However, Juvenile Courts have no jurisdiction to handle serious criminal cases that fall under the limited jurisdiction of Superior Courts, such as armed robbery, murder and rape.

Georgia Probate Courts

Georgia Probate Courts have limited jurisdiction over cases involving guardianships and conservatorship of incompetent person or minors, the probate of wills, involuntary mental health commitments, the administration of estates, and other types of all probate cases.

With authorization, a probate Court may also hear other cases including some criminal commitment hearings, some traffic cases, and some fish and game regulation violations.

Georgia Magistrate Courts

These courts have exclusive jurisdiction to handle certain types of criminal and civil cases. They don’t offer jury trials, and the case can be transferred to a State Court or Superior Court in case a proper request is made.

Criminal cases heard by these courts include county ordinance violations, some minor criminal offenses, and preliminary hearings. Magistrate Courts handle civil cases for claims below $15,000 in dispute. Typically, the cases handled by Georgia Magistrate Courts include deposit account fraud and landlord-tenant cases.

Georgia Civil Courts

Augusta-Richmond County and Macon-Bibb County have Civil Courts that hear civil cases involving claims less than $25,000 (Macon-Bibb) or $45,000 (Augusta-Richmond) in dispute. Georgia Civil Courts can offer jury trials to the eligible cases. Clerks and judges of these courts are also clerks and judges of Magistrate Courts.

Georgia Recorder’s Courts

These courts handle preliminary hearings for criminal cases, some criminal cases, county and city ordinance violations, and traffic infractions.

Georgia Municipal Courts

Municipal Courts have been established by some municipalities. These courts have exclusive jurisdiction over preliminary hearings for some criminal cases and municipal ordinance violations. Some of these courts may share jurisdiction for some minor criminal offenses with other courts.

Georgia Court Notes

There are some Georgia Courts that have special programs known as Accountability Courts, which are actually part of existing courts. The Accountability Court mainly focuses on personal responsibility and rehabilitation. Accountability Courts include Mental Health Courts, Veterans Courts, Child Support Problem Solving Courts, Juvenile Mental Health Courts, Family Dependency Treatment Courts, Juvenile Drug Courts, DUI Courts, and Adult/Felony Drug Courts.

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