Missouri Public Records

Giving access to public records in the state of Missouri is covered under three statutes. These statutes are what govern the availability of sharing of the government records with the public.

The first statute is the Missouri Public Records Law, which was passed in 1961. This statute specifies what records public agencies should keep. The second statute is the Sunshine Law and the third one is the Arrest Records Law. The second and third laws are covered under Chapter 610 of the Missouri Revised Statutes.

Under the three Laws, “any member of the public” can request access to Missouri public records. People applying for any of these records don’t have to state the purpose for which they need the information. However, you will have to show a “material interest” for you to be able to access records that are exempt. There is no any restriction on how to use the records once you have obtained them.

The records that are covered under the three Laws are all records from all government bodies as well as “quasi-public government bodies”, including the legislative and executive branches. The courts and exempt regarding their administrative records are not covered by the Laws. Records that are exempt include:

  • Personal records
  • Privileged communications
  • Testing materials
  • Medical records
  • Records made exempt by court order or statute
  • Bidding information

Missouri Criminal Records

The responsibility of administering Criminal Records in Missouri lies squarely with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS). The Criminal Justice Information Services Division conducts both fingerprint-based and name-based background checks. Besides, the Missouri Automated Criminal History System (MACHES) is also an online portal specifically for name-based searches. Anyone can use the portal to request name-based criminal records check on any person without having to obtain a signed consent.

Arrest records, jail and inmate records are also available to the public. The information regarding Missouri correctional facilities, inmates in the system, and services for victims is available in the official website of the Missouri Department of Corrections. To locate an offender, you need to navigate the site and find an Official Search page, which will ask you to enter either a First Name and a Last Name or a Doc Id. The search will provide the offender’s location, the earliest possible release, and a list of offenders.

Missouri Court Records

You can find any information on courts and court records in Missouri on the Missouri’s administrator of the courts website. The courts in the state of Missouri have an online search tool known as CaseNet, which allows searches of case records, judgments and dockets. You can search many of the courts in Missouri on this system. However, for full court records, you may still have to make your request through the clerk of the court at the specific courthouse in which the case was decided.

Missouri Vital Records

Missouri Vital Records for things such as birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates are available at the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services, Bureau of Vital Records. To make a request for any of these records, you must provide proof that you are named on the certificate or you are a spouse, parent, child, guardian, other relative or legal representative.

  • Birth records: Birth certificates in Missouri are accessible from 1910 to present. You can request for birth certificates by submitting a completed application form to the nearest local health department or by mail to the main office, which is located at 930 Wildwood Dr., Jefferson City, MO 65109. You can also make your application online through VitalCheck.com. The certificates are accessible from 1910 to present.
  • Death records: Death records are accessible from 1910 to present and you can obtain one by submitting a completed application in person or by mail to any nearest local health department, or to the head office, which is located at 930 Wildwood Dr., Jefferson City, MO 65109.
  • Marriage records: Marriage certificates are accessible from 1948 to present and you can obtain one by submitting a completed application to the Recorder of Deeds or to the head office. You can also obtain these records online through VitalCheck.com.
  • Divorce records: Divorce records are accessible from 1948 to present. You can request these records by submitting a completed application form to the Circuit Court in the particular court in which the final decree was made. You can also send a completed application form to the head office in person or by mail at 930 Wildwood Dr., Jefferson City, MO 65109.

We hope this information helps you obtain the records you might be looking for in the state of Missouri.

Missouri State Court System

Understanding how the system of Missouri state court works is very important as it helps you find court records easily.

Missouri Courts Overview

To make your work easier, start searching for court records in Missouri by simply going to courts by county.

The trial court system of Missouri State consists of Administrative Hearing Commission, Municipal Courts, and Circuit Courts.

Circuit Court

Missouri Circuit Courts are actually the primary trial courts in the State of Missouri. They have general jurisdiction to handle all criminal and civil cases. Generally, Circuit Courts are organized into the following divisions:

  1. Associate Circuit whose judges have jurisdiction to handle some types of cases, including infractions and misdemeanor criminal cases.
  2. Family Court division with limited jurisdiction to handle cases such as name changes, child protection, adult abuse prevention, child support, adoption, child custody, juvenile proceedings, legal separation, maintenance, annulment, and divorce.
  3. Juvenile Court that handles certain types of cases, including guardianships, truancy, adoption, juvenile delinquency, children considered to be unruly and beyond parental control, and children in need of treatment and care.
  4. Probate Court with general jurisdiction to handle all probate matters, including most guardianship cases, determination of heirs, the probate of wills, and administration of trusts.
  5. Small Claims Court division for offering simplified procedure for majority of civil claims involving less than $3,000 in dispute, exclusive of costs and interest.
  6. Municipal Court and Traffic Court
  7. Circuit Courts may also have Municipal Court and Traffic Court divisions for handling violations of municipal ordinance. There are some areas with administrative tribunals that are supervised by the Circuit Court and handle cases involving parking and traffic ordinances violations for a municipality.

Municipal Courts

The Mississippi Municipal Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over cases that involve violations of municipal ordinances. They are actually divisions of the Circuit Courts. Municipalities may opt to have an associate judge of Mississippi Circuit Court, or establish their own independent local court with a judge to decide on their ordinance violations.

There are some counties with County Municipal Courts for handling violations of ordinances of their municipalities and violations of county ordinances.

Administrative Hearing Commission

This is an independent, neutral administrative tribunal with jurisdiction to handle more than 100 matters that have been identified by the statute including professional licensing, actions of Highways and Transport Commission, and Sate tax, disciplinary actions against the State employees. The Administrative Hearing Commission hears some cases from the beginning and also hears appeals of decisions of several state agencies. Operating out of a central location, the Administrative Hearing Commission handles cases for the entire state.

Court Notes

The State of Mississippi has set up several specialized court programs that handle some types of cases. Mississippi Circuit Court may have a Truancy Court, Teen Court, Drug Court or Mental Health Court.

Mental Health Court have programs that focus on disability-related needs and mental health of individuals involved in crime. Drug Court programs offer alternative ways handling certain offenses connected to drug use. They may also offer a way for charges and sentences to be dismissed, modified or reduced. Truancy Court focuses on children’s needs through school. These are children who have not been charged with any juvenile delinquency but are chronically absent from the school. Teen Court programs offer better alternative to the state’s juvenile justice system for some misdemeanor cases.

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